Partner with Us

Vancis Capital is appointed by the Government of Vanuatu to promote the Vanuatu DSP Program worldwide. We offer our partners a wealth of advantages including: 

Fastest processing time (45-60 days)

Direct links with Government and the Citizenship unit in Vanuatu.

Strong connections within the Vanuatu Government and the Citizenship Unit.

Global presence with offices in Port Vila, Dubai and Istanbul.

Highly competitive pricing structures and commissions.

Payments via Bank Transfer, Cash and Bitcoin.

Secure online portal for uploading documents for tracking application progress.

Addon Services for Vanuatu Citizens: Click here for more information

Translation of documents, attestations and notarization, preparation and submission of affidavits.

Become an Authorized Vanuatu DSP Promoter

If you are a company in the Citizenship by Investment space or an introducer with excellent connections in the HNI segment anywhere in the world, you can apply to partner with us to promote the DSP program, following the steps below:

Register your interest by clicking here:

OR Reach out to us on LinkedIn. Click here

Attend a scheduled meeting with us (in person in Dubai, Istanbul or Port Vila, or via Zoom)

Watch our detailed presentation, discuss pricing, documentation and legal requirements, and raise any queries you may have.

Send us your trade license, after which we will send you a Partnership Agreement. 

Sign and send us the Partnership Agreement.

Receive your Authorized Partner Certificate, along with the credentials for our Secure Portal. 

You are now officially a part of Vancis Capital’s global partner network and are authorized to promote Vanuatu DSP. 

Login and start processing your Vanuatu DSP applications by uploading your clients documents directly onto our portal.