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LATEST UPDATE (as of September 7, 2023):

The Portuguese parliament has approved legislation that will terminate the current real estate investment options for the Golden Visa program. The options will be discontinue once the bill is signed.

Following this change, the primary option to obtain the Golden Visa will be a €500,000 fund investment. The final vote on the bill is confirmed to take place on September 21, with the president expected to sign shortly thereafter.

Based on our experience and prediction, the end of the real estate investment option will fall around September 29. Nevertheless, you can still get your Golden Visa through real estate investment if you take action now.

Portugal is one of the most desirable European countries on the west coast of the continent. Boasting incredible views of the Atlantic ocean and a rich cultural heritage, the country receives strong numbers of tourists each year. As an investor in the Golden Visa program, you can enjoy everything the country has to offer as a permanent resident and after a relatively short time a citizen.

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Portugal Residency Benefits

Obtaining a permanent residency in Portugal will open new opportunities to the investor and transform their life.

A ‘Safe Haven’ for your family

Portugal enjoys a politically stable climate with a growing economy. As an investor, you and your family are not obligated to live in Portugal, but have the possibility to live there whenever you need to. 

New Business Opportunities

For business owners looking to expand into the European market, a Portugal residency will create new opportunities. As a Golden Visa holder, you can register a business in Portugal and access the European Union as a market.

Live and Work in the European Union

Given its member status in the European Union and the Schengen Zone, Portugal is part of the vast network of countries in Europe that allow free travel without borders in the Union. Traveling inside the EU can be incredibly difficult and frustrating for foreigners. With a golden visa to Portugal you have the opportunity to travel freely through the EU.

Tax Benefits

As an investor into Portugal, you can apply for a non-habitual resident (NHR) status. This status reduces taxes for earned income in Portugal to 20% from up to 48% taxes without it. Additionally you can avoid paying taxes on global income as NHR.

Access to World-Class Healthcare

Portugal has ranked as one of the best countries for patient care and medical services innovation globally. As a permanent resident of the country, you and your family will have access to great healthcare. Additionally, public education in Portugal is incredibly strong and can provide great opportunities if you plan to have children in the future.

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TRANSPARENCY is one of our key commitments to our clients. You will be the first to know if there is anything hindering your eligibility or application.

We understand our clients’s needs and endeavour to be as FLEXIBLE as possible to ease their path towards Citizenship or Residency. As an example, we offer flexible payment solutions including crypto payments to offer new pathways to citizenship by investment applications.

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Timelines for citizenship applications can be long and trying. Our team is trained to work with great EFFICIENCY to collect documents and submit your application.

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Mr. Dwayne Chauhan is a proud dual citizen who understands the importance of freedom of travel, building a real estate portfolio in Europe, and planning for the future.

As a global citizen who has lived across Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, he has a deep understanding of the need to create an alternative plan that allows for independence and flexibility in travel and wealth management.

Mr. Chauhan has over seven years of experience in the industry with a global network of partners, consultants, and government relationships.

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