Protect Your Legacy

with your trusted investment migration advisors

Unlock Your Potential

with your trusted investment migration experts

Invest in Freedom

with your trusted investment migration advisors

Take Charge of Your Future

Invest in a second citizenship or permanent residency

Protect Your Legacy

with your trusted investment migration advisors

Unlock your Potential

with your trusted investment migration advisors

Invest in Freedom

with your trusted investment migration advisors

Invest in Freedom

with your trusted investment migration advisors

About us

We offer tailor-made investment migration solutions for high net-worth individuals’ Citizenship and Residency goals. With offices across three continents and a network of global partners, we empower our clients to take charge of their future and to create change for generations to come. All members of the Vancis team believe in the power to change an individual’s and family’s opportunities through investing in a second citizenship.

Who we are?

A government-authorized citizenship by investment firm with 16+ years of combined experience.

What we do?

Guide our clients to the right investment migration solutions that create a secure and thriving future for them.

What we offer?

Personalized advice and outstanding service for high net-worth individuals for their citizenship goals.

Citizenship by
Investment Programs

Explore our eight citizenship by investment programs across the Caribbean, Europe, and the Pacific.

Antigua & Barbuda

Located in the West Indies, Antigua & Barbuda is a stunning twin-island nation in the Caribbean. Tourism, finance, and offshore banking drive the country’s strong economy.


Dominica boasts an abundance of natural beauty thanks to the government’s conservation efforts. The program started in 1993, instilling confidence in investors.


The country’s unspoiled landscapes appeal to the interest of adventure lovers and beach dwellers alike. A perfect program to expand your business globally.
St Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by Investment

St Kitts and Nevis

St. Kitts and Nevis’s longstanding history with its CBI program makes this one of the safest investments. Families are particularly welcome on these two beautiful islands.

St Lucia

St Lucia is full of cultural and historical experiences for tourists and residents alike. The rich offering presents a great opportunity for families with children.


Malta is a small but mighty country filled with welcoming people who will make you feel immediately at home. The program can open new horizons in the EU to investors.
Istanbul-Bosphorus 2


Beside a strong and growing economy, Türkiye boasts gorgeous landscapes from mountains to beaches. Investing in the country can open new markets and secure your childrens’ future.


Vanuatu is a country filled with culture and adventure across its 83 islands. The program is one of the youngest in the industry with a simple process and speedy approvals.

Residency by Investment & Golden Visa Programs

Explore our residency by investment and Golden Visa programs.


Hundreds of individuals and families took charge of their future through citizenship and residency by investment programs. Our team is proud to continue to empower our clients.

El Nido K.

Very fast and efficient service of obtaining a citizenship, reliable and well organized. They keep constantly in touch in case of questions or concerns and provide up-to-date information in case of delays on the side of the issuing authorities. Definitely recommend services of Vancis Capital for anyone who is looking for freedom in this world.

Hajer C.

The process was so smooth and easy, got my passport in few months and get to travel with it. What a feeling to not have to struggle with all the visas request and documents. A game changer and life changer, à special thank you to Dwayne!

Jerry D.

Great work, my case had some special issues which they sorted out very well. Recommend.

What to Expect

Steps in the Process

Free Consultation
(30-60 minutes)
We offer free consultation sessions to any individual interested in acquiring citizenship through investment. During the session, one of our experienced client advisors assesses your needs and goals and suggests a suitable investment program and option for you.
Vancis Capital’s Due
Diligence (1 day)
Prior to signing any paperwork, our due diligence team will evaluate your ability to qualify for the suggested program. All we require is your passport and one working day. If there are no issues, we will send you a client engagement letter.
Preparing your
Application (2-4 weeks)
Our experienced processing team will work with you to collect all the necessary documents for your application. All of our clients receive a comprehensive service and support to obtain documents necessary. Our team will fill out and proof all forms prior to your signature.
Government Due Diligence
(3 months or more)
Our team submits the completed application and documents to the country’s governmental authority responsible for the citizenship or residence permit. Once you pay the due diligence fee, the government will begin its due diligence checks on all applicants. Any applicant over 16 years old undergoes these checks.
The Final Investment
(up to 90 days)
After our team receives the approval from the government, we will request you to make the final investment into your chosen option. This requirement usually has to be fulfilled within 90 days of receiving the approval.
Receive your Second
Citizenship (2-6 weeks)
Your new passport and citizenship certificate will reach our office approximately four weeks after the final payment. From there, we will either meet you in person or send your documents to your preferred address.

Take charge of your future with our expert advisors

Get in touch to discuss how we can help you with your citizenship or residency by investment goals. One of our investment migration experts will contact you to discuss your case. With over 16 years of combined experience our team has helped hundreds of families achieve freedom.


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