About us


Empower your clients through a secure future


At Vancis Capital, we have a longstanding history of working with a range of partners to diversify their citizenship by investment and residency by investment offerings.

We primarily work with Citizenship and Residency by Investment firms, law firms, and private wealth management firms around the world. 

What you can expect as our partner or introducer

You will expand your portfolio and receive a portion of our fees as commission as stipulated in our agreements.

A highly experienced onboarding team that trains you and your staff on the various facets of Citizenship and Residency by Investment programs, their associated conditions, requirements, documentation and restrictions.

Several years of experience in a business-facing setting through being a Government Authorized Agent.

We offer a number of services for your clients including application for ID cards, drivers licenses, bank accounts, company formation and other services.

Secure access to a portal for you to monitor the progress of your clients’ applications, upload documentation, request reviews and approvals 

Dedicated Processing team involved in liaising with and processing files for you

A multitude of Payment options including Bank transfers, cash, and crypto currencies