Citizenship by Investment

Protect your legacy and unlock your potential

Global programs



$100,000 - $600,000+

Time to Citizenship

2-6+ months

Visa free travel

Up to 185 countries


Citizenship by investment (CBI) is more than gaining visa-free access to countries or optimizing your taxes. A second citizenship means a change in your identity and that of your future generations. Investing into a country with a dedicated CBI program is one of the ultimate ways to diversify your wealth across different geopolitical regions. 

At Vancis Capital, we work with eight well-known CBI programs across the world. We are government-authorized for three programs and work with government-delegated providers for the others. Each program requires a substantial investment into the country and has its own regulations and requirements. Consult with one of our global investment migration experts to find the best program for you. 

Antigua & Barbuda

Located in the West Indies, Antigua & Barbuda is a stunning twin-island nation in the Caribbean. Tourism, finance, and offshore banking drive the country’s strong economy.
Donation Investment from $100,000
Real Estate Investment from $200,000
Time to Citizenship: 9-12 months
Visa Free Countries: 141


Dominica boasts an abundance of natural beauty thanks to the government’s conservation efforts. The program started in 1993, instilling confidence in investors.
Donation Investment from $100,000
Real Estate Investment from $200,000
Time to Citizenship: 3-6 months
Visa Free Countries: 137


The country’s unspoiled landscapes appeal to the interest of adventure lovers and beach dwellers alike. A perfect program to expand your business globally.
Donation Investment from $150,000
Real Estate Investment from $220,000
Time to Citizenship: 9 - 12 months
Visa Free Countries: 138

St Kitts and Nevis

St. Kitts and Nevis’s longstanding history with its CBI program makes this one of the safest investments. Families are particularly welcome on these two beautiful islands.
Donation Investment from $250,000
Time to Citizenship: 9-12 months
Visa Free Countries: 156

St Lucia

St Lucia is full of cultural and historical experiences for tourists and residents alike. The rich offering presents a great opportunity for families with children.
Donation Investment from $100,000
Time to Citizenship: 9-12 months
Visa Free Countries: 146


Malta is a small but mighty country filled with welcoming people who will make you feel immediately at home. The program can open new horizons in the EU to investors.
Donation Investment from €600,000
Time to Citizenship: 12-36 months
Visa Free Countries: 186


Beside a strong and growing economy, Türkiye boasts gorgeous landscapes from mountains to beaches. Investing in the country can open new markets and secure your childrens’ future.
Real Estate Investment from $400,000
Time to Citizenship: 6-9 months
Visa Free Countries: 111


Vanuatu is a country filled with culture and adventure across its 83 islands. The program is one of the youngest in the industry with a simple process and speedy approvals.
Donation Investment from $130,000
Time to Citizenship: 45-60 days
Visa Free Countries: 96

Continued services

We accompany many of our clients beyond receiving their passport after a successful citizenship application. Our team recognizes the need to build a life and identity in the new country. This often comes with opening a bank account, applying for identity cards, converting drivers licenses, or setting up a business.

Vancis Capital, proudly offers a number of continued services for all of our clients who choose the Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment program. Services for other programs may be provided upon request through our certified partners.

Take charge of your future with our expert advisors

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