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Global Investment Migration Experts Empowering High Net-Worth Individuals

About us

Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, Vancis Capital is a European boutique Residency and Citizenship by Investment consultancy. We work with Government bodies, Regulatory Agencies and Due Diligence institutions to provide Investment Migration services to clients across the globe.

Starting with a consultation, our advisory team carefully evaluates our client’s goals and requirements, and offers solutions from our portfolio of Residency and Citizenship programs that suit their needs exactly. We work with the London Stock Exchange Group’s Refinitiv Platform to screen all clients for potential challenges arising from their backgrounds, media and political exposure. In our commitment to providing comprehensive support, we guide our clients through every stage of the process, offering expert assistance until their successful acquisition and delivery of their Certification of Naturalization, Passports, or Golden Visas and Permanent Residency Cards.

Our dedicated services aim to facilitate a smooth and personalized journey for individuals seeking these prestigious investment opportunities, ensuring an entirely seamless experience. In addition to assisting our clients with their Naturalization, Passport and Golden Visas, we help with integrating into these countries through obtaining critical documents like National ID cards, establishing Tax IDs, and planning a visit to the new country of citizenship.

We empower high net-worth individuals to take charge of their future and to create change for generations to come.

Our History

Founded in 2018, we have enabled hundreds of individuals and families to obtain a new citizenship.

Our team has over 16 years of combined experience in the industry with extensive global networks including government, authorized banking, and due diligence partners.

Vancis Capital was born out of our co-founders’ experience in holding multiple citizenships and obtaining citizenship through investment. 

Every single member of our team is trained on the application procedures and policies to ensure that we can advise our clients on the most suitable programs and make their application a success. 

Our Values

Our logo, the Griffin, encapsulates our dedication to serve as protectors for our clients in creating a secure future for themselves and their families. 

TRANSPARENCY is one of our key commitments to our clients. You will be the first to know if there is anything hindering your eligibility or application.

We understand our clients’s needs and endeavour to be as FLEXIBLE as possible to ease their path towards Citizenship or Residency. As an example, we offer flexible payment solutions including crypto payments to offer new pathways to citizenship by investment applications.

Your first interaction with our team will be marked by our RESPONSIVENESS. No matter the day or hour, our team responds to any inquiry or client concern within hours.

Timelines for citizenship applications can be long and trying. Our team is trained to work with great EFFICIENCY to collect documents and submit your application.

The Vancis Advantage

A government-authorized agent with over 16 years of combined experience in the industry

Government Authorization

We are appointed by the governments of the citizenship by investment programs we offer to clients

Success rate

100% success rate across all citizenship applications due to our strong internal due diligence

Flexible Payment solutions

We offer multiple options for payments to our clients including crypto- and foreign currencies

Concierge Service

Our team supports our clients with all matters related to their documents and appointments

Global Presence

We have offices across three continents in Europe, Asia, and Oceania in four global locations

What to Expect

Steps in the Process

Free Consultation
(30-60 minutes)
We offer free consultation sessions to any individual interested in acquiring citizenship through investment. During the session, one of our experienced client advisors assesses your needs and goals and suggests a suitable investment program and option for you.
Vancis Capital’s Due
Diligence (1 day)
Prior to signing any paperwork, our due diligence team will evaluate your ability to qualify for the suggested program. All we require is your passport and one working day. If there are no issues, we will send you a client engagement letter.
Preparing your
Application (2-4 weeks)
Our experienced processing team will work with you to collect all the necessary documents for your application. All of our clients receive a comprehensive service and support to obtain documents necessary. Our team will fill out and proof all forms prior to your signature.
Government Due Diligence
(3 months or more)
Our team submits the completed application and documents to the country’s governmental authority responsible for the citizenship or residence permit. Once you pay the due diligence fee, the government will begin its due diligence checks on all applicants. Any applicant over 16 years old undergoes these checks.
The Final Investment
(up to 90 days)
After our team receives the approval from the government, we will request you to make the final investment into your chosen option. This requirement usually has to be fulfilled within 90 days of receiving the approval.
Receive your Second
Citizenship (2-6 weeks)
Your new passport and citizenship certificate will reach our office approximately four weeks after the final payment. From there, we will either meet you in person or send your documents to your preferred address.

Take charge of your future with our expert advisors

Get in touch to discuss how we can help you with your citizenship or residency by investment goals. One of our investment migration experts will contact you to discuss your case. With over 16 years of combined experience our team has helped hundreds of families achieve freedom.