PRESS RELEASE: Vancis Capital Announces Commitments to Improve Marketing Practices in Investment Migration

Dubai, UAE, December 13, 2023: Global investment migration firm Vancis Capital is launching a host of new pledges designed to bring clarity and trust to the Citizenship and Residency by Investment Industry.

As a leading global player, Vancis Capital has noted the erosion of the industry’s reputation, and is now taking steps to restore client faith, through providing a range of enhanced services.

With its new pledges, the firm is responding to large-scale changes in the sector in recent years. The global migration industry has seen several shifts, owing to a COVID-related sector boom, the political consequences of the Russia-Ukraine War and changing EU policies. These have impacted schemes such as the Portugal Golden Visa Programme, the St. Kitts and Nevis’ investment program, and many others.

Founder and CEO of Vancis Capital, Dwayne Chauhan, says: “Due to the highly competitive marketplace dynamic, investment and visa programmes have been commodified and sold below the government regulated investment thresholds. Outlandish promises by industry agents and questionable marketing practices have led to a general decline in the industry’s reputation globally. We are seeing the attitude of many prospects and clients is veering away from respecting the investment and its processes.”

A recent report by FATF and OECD on the misuse of CBI and RBI partially addresses this state, with recommendations for improvements on all stakeholders’ sides. To uphold higher standards for marketing agents in the space, Vancis Capital pledges the following changes to its practices and engagements with clients:

  1. Before signing an engagement letter, Vancis Capital now mandates a meeting with CEO Dwayne Chauhan. This meeting aims to educate clients on the significance of prioritizing the naturalization certificate of their new country of citizenship over obtaining a new passport solely as a travel document. This proactive step ensures clients grasp the importance of the naturalization certificate in the broader context of citizenship acquisition.
  2. Promotion of transparency for realistic processing times through social media and client communications, while informing clients of the pitfalls of working with agencies that offer unrealistic processing timelines.
  3. Organizing a paid-for trip for the main applicant and their family to the country of their new Citizenship to receive their passports and develop ties.
  4. Continue to quote and charge government regulated prices and inform clients of the complexities of submitting a Citizenship or Residency application, and the associated costs.

Mr. Chauhan adds: “We are excited to share our commitments in order to continue combating dishonest practices among marketing agents in citizenship and residency by investment. We are part of a vast industry with multiple stakeholders. The aim of our new pledges is to continue improvements from the inside out and to work on restoring the reputation of our industry.”

About Vancis Capital

Vancis Capital is a globally recognised firm specialising in investment migration services. It is renowned for guiding individuals, families and investors through the complex process of acquiring alternative residency or citizenship through investment.

Its expertise lies in navigating various citizenship and residency by investment programs worldwide, offering tailored solutions to clients seeking to expand their global mobility, access better opportunities, or secure a second residency or citizenship.

Vancis Capital offers consultancy services to high-net-worth individuals, providing strategic advice on investment migration options, legal and financial considerations, and facilitating the application process for programs in countries like Greece, Malta, the Caribbean, and other nations offering similar investment pathways.

Its strong reputation stems from a combination of in-depth knowledge of immigration regulations, personalised client services and a commitment to staying abreast of the ever-evolving landscape of global investment migration.

The Vancis Capital Team at their office in Dubai

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