Navigating the Changes: 2024 Updates to UAE Residence Visa Renewal Rules

If you're a foreigner residing in the United Arab Emirates, it's important to stay informed about the UAE residence visa renewal new rules. These new rules aim to streamline and standardize the procedure, helping you avoid potential fees or other risks.

These new changes will simplify and standardize the process. Most of the changes apply to all resident visas; however, the golden visa has a unique process.

In this article, we will explore the new rules related to the visa renewal process and the costs associated with it.

The UAE Residence Visa Renewal New Rules

The United Arab Emirates has updated its residency rules as follows:

New Golden Visa Process

The first major new rule affects the renewal process for the golden visa. If you have this visa, you can now extend or cancel it through the government's portal using your personal account.

In January 2024, Dubai made it easier to secure a 10-year Golden Visa by lowering the required down payment from 50% to 20%. This change gives property investors the flexibility to purchase real estate at any stage of construction, whether it is off-plan or already built.

Moreover, those who aspire to have a golden visa will soon have a new path to this visa during the renewal process. In particular, if you possess a portfolio of properties equating to or exceeding AED 2 million (around $544,400), your renewal application will convert to a golden visa.

New Overstay Fees

Another major change is the overstaying fees. These daily fees are the cost of staying in the country past your visa expiry date. To continue legally residing in this country, your sponsor should complete your residence renewal before your visa expires.

Previously, visit, resident, and tourist visas had different overstaying fees. Now, the government has standardized these fees to AED 50 (around $13.60) per day. For residency visas, that is an AED 25 (around $6.80) increase, while for tourists, it's an AED 50 (around $13.60) decrease.

Additionally, you should note that even if your renewal application is being processed, you will still have to pay this fee if you overstay your residency past the grace period.

New Grace Period

new UAE residence visa renewal rule is the extended grace period. Though your residency may have expired, your sponsor has 30 days – 6 months to renew your visa.

Not all residents are eligible for the 6 months grace period. Therefore, you'll need to check your status to know how many days you'll be able to stay without risking an arrest. The length of this grace period depends on your residence visa category.

Furthermore, if you need to travel near the end of your residency, you should seek permission from the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security (around ICP). You can seek their approval 1 – 6 months prior to the end of your residency.

However, if your sponsor fails to correctly upload your application within the first 30 days, they will cancel it, and you will need to apply again.

New Renewal Status Check

A new rule now allows you to easily check the status of your visa application. You'll find it on the ICP website. Alternatively, you can request information on visas on the toll-free number 600522222. If you apply in Dubai, you can use their website to verify your visa status.

The UAE Visa Renewal Cost

When your sponsor processes your visa renewal, there are fees you will need to pay. These can differ depending on your specific visa application. Most residencies have the same fees. However, the golden has a different cost. Plus, the visa issuance fee increases by AED 100 (around $27) when your residency is longer than 2 years.

Here are the fees these residencies share:

Fees Costs
Inside the Country AED 500 (around $136)
Delivery AED 20 (around $5)
Knowledge AED 10 (around $3)
Innovation AED 10 (around $3)

Now, let us explore the differing costs:

Golden Visa Residence Renewal Cost

Whether you received a golden visa as an entrepreneur or for your talent, the cost starts at AED 1,640 (around $447). The majority of the cost comes from the residence permit, which is AED 1,100 (around $300). Meanwhile, the rest of the fees, such as delivery, are similar to those for other visas.

Other Residence Renewal Costs

When it comes to most of the other permits, the UAE has standardized their renewal fees to AED 730 (around $199). The permit itself costs AED 200 (around $54).

More specifically, if you have any of the following visas, they have similar fees:

  • Property Owner Residence
  • Retired Residence
  • Virtual Work Residence
  • Green Residence
  • GCC Family Members Residence

In particular, the green residencies applicable in this instance refer to those with a permit as a partner investor, highly skilled workers, or those who are self-employed.

How Much Is a Visit Visa in UAE?

If you're only interested in visiting the country, your fees will usually range around AED 760 (around $207) (around + 5% VAT) to AED 1340 (around $365) (around +5% VAT). The specific amount depends on your specific situation and the type of visit visa you're requesting.

Here's a table of the costs related to visit visas:

Details of Visa Fees
60-day Business AED 200 (around $54)
90-day Business AED 300 (around $82)
120-day Business AED 400 (around $109)
30-day Tourism (around Single Entry) AED 200 (around $54)
60-day Tourism (around Single Entry) AED 300 (around $82)
30-day Tourism (around 5-Year, Multiple Entry) AED 300 (around $82)
60-day Tourism (around 5-Year, Multiple Entry) AED 500 (around $136)
90-day Tourism (around 5-Year, Multiple Entry) AED 700 (around $191)
Entry Permit (around Indian Nationals) around AED 231 or (around $63)
Health Insurance (around 30 Days) AED 40 (around $11)
Health Insurance (around 60 Days) AED 60 (around $16)
Health Insurance (around 90 Days) AED 90 (around $25)
Visa Copy (around for Screenings) AED 30 (around $10)
Inside the Country AED 500 (around $136)
Knowledge AED 10 (around $3)
Innovation AED 10 or (around $3)
Value Added Tax 5.00%

You should note that if you're exploring this country for business, you will need to make a security deposit of AED 1,000 or $272, with an additional fee of AED 20 or $5. You will receive your deposit at a fee of AED 40 (around $11). Meanwhile, a 5-year, multi-entry tourist visa has a guarantee of AED 2,000 $545, and you must pay a fee of AED 20 (around $5). Then, you will receive your guarantee back at a cost of AED 40 (around $11).


How Much Is a Visit Visa in UAE


So, you now have a clear understanding of the new UAE residence visa renewal rules concerning the grace period, Golden Visas, and overstaying fees. With these new rules, the UAE has made the process more straightforward and consistent. Typically, overstaying fees are around $13.60 per day, and the grace period can extend up to six months.

Furthermore, the renewal cost varies depending on the visa type. For a Golden Visa, expect to pay about $447, while other residence visas could cost around $199. However, renewal costs may vary based on individual circumstances, so it's essential to consult experts, such as Vancis Capital, to confirm the specific details of your application.

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