St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment: The Ultimate Guide

St. Lucia draws in investors and tourists with its wondrous rainforest scenery, stable political climate, and growing economy. Yet you can further benefit from this country by acquiring St. Lucia citizenship by investment.

The government of St.Lucia created this program to attract funding to grow its economy further. It is a simple online process that usually takes up to nine months and does not require your physical presence in the country during the application or after you have received your citizenship.

This article will explore the benefits and investment details of this citizenship program’s process.

The Benefits of St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment

This citizenship offers the following benefits:

Low Taxes

As a citizen of this country, you would have access to their low taxes. More specifically, this tax regime has no wealth, inheritance, capital gains, or world income tax. Instead, you will only contribute 5% of your salary to Saint Lucia’s social security system.

However, you will remain subject to your other nationality's tax laws.

Travel Freedom

St. Lucia citizenship by investment offers you travel freedom. With this citizenship, you will be able to cross the borders of over 140 nations, including the Schengen area. In particular, it will enable convenient travel to business hubs such as Hong Kong. Plus, this Caribbean island is less than 4 hours away from the USA by plane.

Family Inclusion in Application

When you apply for this citizenship, your family members will be able to join you and also receive a St. Lucia passport. The main restrictions on this benefit are your family member's age and their level of dependence on you.

Specifically, only the following family members may join your application:

  • Legal Spouse
  • Children under 21
  • Financially Dependent Children under 30
  • Disabled Dependent Children under 30
  • Dependent Parents/Grandparents over 55
  • Unmarried Siblings under 18 (with parent/guardian's consent)

The St. Lucia Citizenship Requirements

As part of this citizenship process, you will need to meet these requirements:

  • Good Health: Your application must include documentation proving you are in good health.
  • No Criminal Record: You will have to include a report from your current country's law enforcement that demonstrates a lack of criminal activity.
  • Original Birth Certificate: You will have to include this document in your application.
  • Valid Passport: Applying for this citizenship requires a passport with a minimum of half a year of validity remaining.
  • Proof of Investment Source: For your investment to be valid, you will need to prove that you acquired it through legal means.

Moreover, you may have to include other documents, such as a curriculum vitae or proof of address.

Saint Lucia Citizenship Fees, Donations, and Investments

Before we go through the application process, here are the details of each investment you can make to acquire this citizenship:

National Economic Fund Investment

This is a donation to the government that helps its economy. Its details vary depending on whether your family members join your application. Additionally, it includes fees for the government to verify your documents.

Expenses Applicants
Single Married Couple Family of 2 – 4 Family of 5+
Donation $100,000 $150,000 $150,000 $150,000 +$15,000 per applicant beyond 4
Processing Fees $2,000 $4,000 $4,000 for spouses +$1,000 per independent over 16 years old $4,000 for spouses +$1,000 per independent over 16 years old
Due Diligence $7,500 $12,500 $7,500 (main applicant) + $5,000 per dependent over 16 year years old $7,500 (main applicant) + $5,000 per dependent over 16 year years old

Government Bond Investment

You can acquire St. Lucia investment citizenship through a $300,000 government bond that is unaffected by your family size. This option allows you to collect your investment with no interest after 5 years. However, it has an administrative fee of $50,000.

This investment has the following fees:

Applicants Due Diligence Fees
Single $7,500
Married Couple $12,500
Family of 2+ $7,500 (main applicant) + $5,000 per dependent over 16 year years old

Business Investment

Lastly, you may invest through an enterprise. If you are the sole investor, this investment should total $3.5 million. Alternatively, you may invest as a group and create 3 positions. Your contribution will need to reach at least $1 million, and the total will need to be a minimum of $6 million and create 6 positions. If family members join your application, you will need to add $25,000 per applicant. There is also a $50,000 administrative fee.

How to Apply for Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment

Now that you understand this program, let’s explore how to acquire this citizenship.

1. Gather Your Documents

To begin the process of acquiring this citizenship, you will need to find the required documents.

2. Hire an Agent

After you have gathered the documents necessary, you will need to select a licensed agent who will apply on your behalf.

3. Submit Your Application and Pay the Fees

Once you have hired an agent, you will need to pay the various fees. Then, your agent will submit your application for Saint Lucia citizenship by investment. The government should take 4 or less months to complete this processing.

4. Make Your Investment

While the government processes your application, you should select an investment option and make the transfer.

5. Receive Your Citizenship

Finally, if your application is successful, you will receive your new passport.

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St. Lucia citizenship by investment is an attractive option for the business-minded. This citizenship offers access to a lucrative economy and low taxes. Moreover, you could use this St. Lucia passport to travel to over 140 countries for business or vacation. Plus, this island is a short trip away from the USA.

Therefore, if you are searching for economic opportunities or a change in lifestyle, consider requesting a free consultation with Vancis Capital. Our experts will guide you toward the best migration solution so you can make the investment choice that suits you.

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