The Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) Program Guide

Are you considering investing in the Malaysian economy or perhaps retiring in this vibrant country? If so, Malaysia residency programs could be the perfect solution for you.

The Ministry of Tourism and Culture created this program with the hope of enticing foreigners such as yourself to live full or part-time in this country. This program has benefits, requirements, and limitations. Plus, in the Sarawak region, the program has different requirements.

In this article, we’ll explore this residency program, its benefits, and how you can acquire it.

What Is the MM2H Malaysia?

The Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) is a program that allows you to live in this country with your family for 5 years. However, to remain in this program, you'll need to live in this country for a minimum of 60 days per year. In addition, this program allows you to enter this country multiple times without having to apply for a visa again. Interestingly, you can renew it to extend your stay.

The Benefits of Malaysia’s MM2H

Expats and retirees opt for this program because it offers the following benefits:

Advantageous Income Tax Rates

This program allows you to have a maximum income tax rate of 30%. This rate applies to incomes over RM 2 million or around $ 420,000. Plus, in this country, you won’t need to pay tax on your foreign-sourced income.

Business Opportunities

According to studies, e-commerce has seen growth for the past decade and 83% of Malaysians are online, with 61% of them on shopping applications. So, you can do business in Malaysia with an MM2H pass. This legal document allows you to invest in the Western area of this country. Then, you can take advantage of its booming sectors such as online shopping, healthcare, and food and beverages. You can even work in the West of Malaysia, though there are conditions.

Family Application

When you enter this program, you have the chance to move with your family. In particular, you can include your spouse, unmarried children who are 34 or below, and parents, and parents in law that are 60+ years of age.

The MM2H Requirements

The Malaysian government has recently made this program more accessible by simplifying its requirements. Importantly, there are no longer any requirements regarding income, which streamlines the application process considerably. However, there's a liquid asset requirement of RM 1 million or around $210,700 and a fixed deposit of RM 500,000 or around $105,300.

You’ll need to meet the following requirements to enter this program:

    • 30+ Years: You’ll need to be 30 years old or older to begin your application.
    • Letter of Intention: At the beginning of your application process, you’ll need to write and submit a letter showing your intention to enter this program.
    • Medical Insurance: You’ll need medical coverage. However, you may acquire it after you have submitted your letter of intention.
  • Medical Report: While you’re in the country, you’ll need to visit a registered medical facility to receive a report.
  • Valid Passport: When you submit your passport and its copy, you’ll need to ensure that it will be valid for the next 18 months. Additionally, the copy should include your previous visas.

If you opt to move with your family, they’ll need to follow the above requirements except the age restriction. In addition, you’ll need to meet these requirements:

  • Physical Presence: You or a representative will need to be in the country to submit the intention letter.
  • Proof of Family Connection: You’ll need to submit the original and copy of your marriage contract or birth certificate.
  • Conditional Letter: You’ll need to submit the approval letter you’ve received.
  • Personal Bond: You’ll need to submit their bond with a stamped RM 10.00 or $2.10

Meanwhile, the Sawark program has a much lower financial requirement of:

Requirements Cost
Monthly Income (Single) RM 7,000 or $1,500
Monthly Income for Married Couples RM 10,000 or $2,100
Fixed Deposit (Single) RM 150,000 or $31,400
Fixed Deposit for Married Couples RM 300,000 or $63,200

In addition, those applying to this 5-year subprogram should be 50 years old or older. In addition, you only need to live in the Sarawak region for 30 days a year. Plus, you can renew this visa for a total of 10 years, meaning you'll need to spend less than a year in Sawark during that decade.

To know which subprogram is most appropriate for your needs, you should consult experts like Vancis Capital. They’ll help you understand the intricacies of these programs and how you can leverage them to suit your lifestyle.

How to Apply for the Malaysian MM2H

Once you’ve decided which subprogram fits your needs, you can follow the following steps to receive your MM2H pass:

Submit Your Letter of Intention

To begin your application for this residency program, you'll need to be in Malaysia. Alternatively, you can employ an agent to represent you. You’ll then present your intention letter which details your desire to enter this program.

Pay Processing Fees

Now that you’ve submitted your letter of intention, you should pay the processing fees. The government uses these fees to verify the information you’ve given them and to handle your Malaysian MM2H application.

Receive Conditional Letter

After you’ve paid the fees, the government may give you a conditional letter. This letter allows you to proceed with the application process. Additionally, the letter will detail the steps you’ll have to take in the next 6 months to receive your application.

Make Fixed Deposit

Now that you’ve received the conditional letter for your Malaysian MM2H application, you should make the fixed deposit of RM 500,000 or around $105,300 in a Malaysian bank.

Get Medical Insurance & Report

After you’ve made your fixed deposit, you should acquire insurance coverage. Then, you’ll need to also receive a medical report detailing your overall health from a registered medical facility in Malaysia.

Submit Your Application

Now that you’ve collected the necessary documents as listed in your conditional approval letter, you’ll submit your application. In particular, you should ensure that you submit the following documents:

  • Passport and its Copy
  • Copy of Your Intention Letter
  • Original and Copy of Conditional Approval
  • Picture of You with a Blue Background

If your documents aren’t originally in English, you’ll have to translate them. You can use either the Institute of Language and Literature. If you’re outside of the country, you can instead go to their Consulate to have them facilitate the translation.

After you’ve submitted all of the above and the government finds no issues, you’ll receive the residency permit between 3 and 6 months later or 9 - 12 months if you're applying to the Sawark program.

Malaysia residency programs


The MM2H is a Malaysian program that will allow you to enter and live in the country for 5 years and then renew this permit. With this program, you can take advantage of favorable tax rates, and business opportunities in a variety of thriving sectors, and even gain a right to permanent residence.

Particularly with expert guides such as Vancis Capital, you can better understand the different subprograms and decide which is best for you and your family. Once you’ve made your decision, you can send your letter of intention and begin the process of receiving this legal document.

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